Benefit of Boxing and Kickboxing for Weight Loss

By: Colleen L POSTED IN: Fitness

If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced all over body conditioning, fat-burning workout, then you have got to try a boxing class. These classes offer a wide variety of styles from cardio drills, muscle conditioning, HIIT, resistance training and serious core work. Both boxing and kickboxing classes are increasing in popularity because you can get in great shape fast and burn anywhere from 400-900 calories per hour.

There are so many benefits to a boxing-type class and these are just a very few:

1) Cardiovascular endurance

By working in timed intervals you work between aerobic (fat burning) and anaerobic (muscle building) exercise. This means by whaling on a bag for short bursts of time for an hour, you will still be burning lots of calories, even when you get home and relax on the couch.

2) Fat Burning

Good-bye fat. Boxing is one of the best ways to lose weight. You will challenge those big muscles and get them melting the fat away. You should always follow it up with a good, clean diet of course.

3) Muscle Strength

By punching against resistance, i.e. focus pads with a partner or a boxing bag, you’ll work the large muscles in your shoulders, back and legs. You will build lean muscles without even lifting a weight. It’s an entire full-body workout!

4) Stress Relief

If you’ve ever had a bad day or week, the best way to get out your frustration and anger is to kick the crap out of something. Nothing feels or sounds better than a roundhouse kick to the heavy bag.

5) Building Bone Mass

Because you are using your own body weight as resistance, your muscles not only have to work extremely hard, but the bones that are attached to them are strengthening as well. That means your bone density increases with every workout.

6) Improves Balance

Because your legs are in a “boxers stance” you get a better grip on the floor with your feet. When you kick the bag, you’re also on one foot, so your core has to really engage and this helps to build and maintain balance.

7) Increases Agility

Throwing a few jabs here and there is one thing, but once you start doing combinations with your arms and legs, you have to think on your feet, so to speak. That quick thinking is a great workout for your brain as well as your biceps. With the fast footwork of a boxers stance, you’ll find yourself getting speedier on your feet.

8) Core and More Core

Boxers have amazing abs. Six-pack abs in fact. How do they get those? Well, it’s obviously a combination of an incredible training regime, but also a pretty strict diet, which we will leave for another blog topic. They also do a crazy amount of sit-ups, push-ups, planks and various abdominal specific training. Yes, they do all these things, but because when they punch, they don’t just use their arms, they use their entire body. A jab for instance, if thrown with the left hand, works the triceps, biceps, shoulder, upper and lower back, obliques and glutes. Combine that with a cross (right rear hand), and you are doubling that strength, focus and power. “The Core” encompasses not only your entire abdominals, but also your whole back and torso muscles.

9) Builds Self-Confidence and Sex Appeal

Who doesn’t want to feel a little sexier? When you are boxing, you feel a sense of power that is hard to come by in any other class. You leave the session not only exhausted, but feeling a sense of accomplishment like you just upped your fitness game. Plus, the more you do it, the more confident you feel!

10) Self Defense

Some boxing and kickboxing classes are specifically targeted for self-defense. But even if some are not, the skills you learn can be invaluable in defending yourself, should you (hopefully not) ever need it.

11) Better Sleep

No sleeping aids required here! An hour of kicking, punching, skipping, running, thinking and sweating is enough to take you to dream land faster than any sleep medication. You’ll get a deep relaxing sleep and you’ll wake up ready to do it all again the next day.

In conclusion, along with all of these benefits mentioned above, a boxing style class is a ton of fun! It’s an amazing way to lose weight and get fit. If working with a partner, you’ll get to meet and workout with different people from all walks of life. Boxing is not just for athletic types. Anyone can do it, and a group setting can be less intimidating. You’ll have a lot of laughs, and you’ll definitely want to try it again.



Colleen Layug is a certified Fitness Kickboxing – Level 2 coach. Join her fun and challenging Box-Fit class on Thursdays at 9:30am