Let us help you get fit with one of our fun and invigorating fitness classes. With so many class choices and great flexibility in the schedule “not having enough time” should no longer be an excuse. Our integration with MindBody online provides you with the opportunity to book a class whenever it’s most convenient for you. Scheduling a class into your daily activities has never been easier!

Our boutique studio offers intensely focused classes with plenty of attention from our instructors – it’s the next best thing to a Personal Trainer! Come and work out in a fun and social environment, where each class is effectively designed, motivating you to adopt a consistent exercise schedule. We will keep you accountable to reach your goals. Our classes will prove a non-idling and non-thinking approach to fitness that will leave you sweaty and wanting more.

Our classes are taught by top fitness instructors and trainers who possess a great deal of knowledge and expertise to keep you motivated on your pursuit for physical transformation. At PurEnergy we will give you a sense of community offering camaraderie and accountability among participants, as well as between participants and instructor. Our classes offer a challenging workout for all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced so that you are feeling supported, motivated and inspired throughout your journey. There is no prior exercise knowledge or experience required – we will learn together!

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