Our professionals are trained in natural nutrition and complimentary therapies. Working as a team, it is important to us that we are focusing on the whole YOU by understanding your unique hormones, stressors, allergies, food habits, responses to certain foods ensuring that a unique plan is created to gain results that compliment your goals and ultimately gain optimal body function.

At PurEnergy we believe that the body is a sacred temple that deserves to be nourished. For many people food has become an area of conflict and confusion – endless weight loss programs, eating disorders, cravings, addictions, body image obsessions and never-ending searches for the ‘ideal’ weight-loss pill or system. Our Registered Holistic Nutritionists won’t be handing you any pyramid to follow (or any shape for that matter) we understand that each individual is unique and therefore we take a holistic approach to our coaching sessions where we focus on bringing education, energy and balance into your life. Food is a dynamic force which interacts with humans on the physical body level, the mind-emotional level, and also the energetic and spiritual level. Each Nutritionist has an area of expertise waiting to share it with you: fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics, allergies, lean muscle creation, fat loss, spiritual nutrition, hormone balance, just to name a few.


Initial Appointment -­ 90 minutes


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  • $150 + HST (Adult)
  • $94 + HST (Child/Senior)

Follow-­Ups -­ 60 min OR 30 min


Get Started

  • 60 minutes: $90 + HST (Adult) / $67+ HST (Child/Senior)
  • 30 minutes: $65 + HST