Being grateful in the midst of challenges

By: Josie D

Inhale Difficult Challenges, Exhale Gratitude When I first started practicing yoga, in my twenties, I was determined to achieve the perfect poses. Yoga had nothing to do with my mind, body or spirit. It had everything to do with my ego, that nasty part of myself that was hell bent on keeping me disconnected from […]

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Tea Time

By: Amy J

I am an avid tea drinker. I always have been. I drink tea when I first wake up, when I go to class, during class, and before I go to sleep. Tea is also a part of my social life, it’s what I do when catching up with old friends. There’s always been something comforting […]

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Benefits of Personal Training

By: Colleen L

A few years ago when I dragged myself into the gym, not really wanting to be there, but feeling the need to sweat it out in cardio class, I looked over to the weight area and I saw Them. The Personal Trainers. He had a client with a squished up sweaty face who was squatting […]

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