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Focused on personalized services to inspire and guide you on your personal health journey. We teach individuals to live a healthy lifestyle connecting the mind, body & spirit.

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Welcome. Let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever joined a gym or studio that focuses solely on fitness classes, losing weight, eating less, counting calories and working out ‘boot-camp style’ until you feel sick? Have you ever felt stuck, stagnant, or hit a plateau in your regime? Have you felt bored or not challenged enough? Are you seeking to improve your overall health & wellbeing?

At PurEnergy we believe that you must FIND YOUR ENERGY. We encourage you to listen to your body and assess what energy you are in need of. We offer a wide variety of classes ranging from high energy (Boxing, TRX, Barre, Power Yoga, Total Body Conditioning & more) to low energy classes (Restorative, Meditation, Pilates, Chill Flow Yoga & more). No matter the mood, we have a class for you! We aren’t just a fitness studio; we are your one-stop shop for improving your overall health & wellness. We provide Holistic services to walk you down a path of soulful living and to inspire and renew your mind, body and soul. Whether it is massage therapy, holistic nutrition, energy healing or our workshops, we are here to change your life and provide you with a fresh perspective. PurEnergy believes in building a community and radiating positive vibes. We are here to guide you on a path of holistic health, being ever present during your journey and your #1 fan!

We look forward to being part of your wellness journey,

Lisa Manzo xo

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